Evidentia [CD ROM] for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Evidentia [CD ROM] for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Evidentia is the genealogy software that gives a voice to your sources by turning what you know into evidence you can use.

Evidentia is the tool for the modern genealogist whose goal is to draw conclusions based on the sources they have gathered in their research.

The CD includes versions for Mac, PC, and Linux!
Available Qty: 100


Mac users: You may get an error from Gatekeeper indicating that “Evidentia is from an unidentified developer”. There is an article here about what the error means and what you can do.OS X: About Gatekeeper

Be assured that Evidentia is safe and ed4becky,LLC have gotten the required credentials. We are working on the issue. We just didn’t want the MAC community to miss out on Evidentia in the mean time.

Norton 360 users: You may get an error from Norton indicating that is not a trusted application. This is due to how new Evidentia is and the frequency of downloads, and has nothing to do with the code quality or the presence of a virus. as more people download the product this message should disappear.


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